Infographic: 5 hobbies that can make you smarter

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New year, new you? No thanks! But what’s wrong with a bit of self-improvement, whether it’s January 1st of mid-July? This infographic from our friends at NeoMam showcases five hobbies that can actually make you smarter!

Hobbies That Will Make You Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know that thing you spend your free time doing for free? Well, it might just be able to earn you a buck. via DailyInfographic

Ok, so I doubt proofreading is something you do to unwind on the weekends, but, hey, I could be wrong. It’s much more likely that you’re blogging, though. Put a little elbow grease into that and you could get a little cheese out of it.

I’m not into baking, but I am into eating baked goods. Since I share this trait with the vast majority of humanity, there will always be a market for delicious cookies, brownies, blondies, and all other -ies you can think of.

If you can draw, there aren’t enough good webcomics in the world, either. Sexy ones are particularly lucrative, and there’s a market for any genre you please. There’s a lot of expensive equipment, such as drawing tablets, you might want to invest in, but if you’re good at drawing and have an entertaining story idea, just draw on it a piece of paper and upload a good picture.

Your hobbies can make you money, but are they improving your mind? Check out our 5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter infographic, you might be boosting your brain without realizing it.

5 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

There are plenty of good reasons to start a new hobby, and it can be as simple as picking up a new instrument.

The infographic below, which was designed by, shows us five everyday hobbies that will not only expand your skill set, but also expand your brain.

For example, learning how to play a new instrument can enhance one's cognitive skills and help one de-stress. A report found children who play musical instruments showed enhanced performance for verbal fluency and processing speed. And no, you're never too old to learn how to play music, as psychologist Gary Marcus notes in Time.

And with such hectic schedules and busy personal lives, a new hobby might just be the thing you need to revamp your 2016. Check out the full graphic below and let us know, are you trying a new hobby next year?

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It’s certainly true that happiness is subjective, but there are also universal elements. There are certain changes you can make and habits you can develop that, according to research, will boost your overall happiness -- no matter who you are.

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Watch the video: Five Hobbies that Pay. This Can make you Money


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