The 20 funniest expressions in Brazil (and how to use them)

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1. A Brazilian man does not ‘have sex’, he ‘dips the cookie’ (Molhar o biscoito). Or, he ‘drowns the goose’ (Afogar o ganso).

2. A Brazilian does not ‘give up’ or ‘retire’, he ‘hangs his football boots’ (Pendurar as chuteiras).

3. A Brazilian does not ‘get drunk’, he ‘puts his foot inside a jackfruit’ (Enfiar o pé na jaca). And he doesn’t ‘get wasted’, he ‘eats water’. (Comer água).

4. A Brazilian does not ‘have a problem’, he is ‘deep fried’ (Estou frito).

5. A Brazilian is not ‘shameless’, he has a ‘stick face’ (Ter cara de pau).

6. A Brazilian does not ‘pay for something he did not do’, he ‘pays for the duck’ (Pagar o pato).

7. A Brazilian does not ‘deal with a complicated problem’, he ‘peels a pineapple’ (Descacar o abacaxi).

8. A Brazilian does not ‘die’, he ‘buttons his jacket’ (Abotoar o paletó).

9. A Brazilian does not ‘talk about meaningless issues in details’, he ‘fills spicy pork sausages’. (Encher linguiça).

10. A Brazilian does not ‘look for problems’, he ‘looks for horns on a horse’s head’ (Procurar chifre em cabeça de cavalo).

11. A Brazilian does not ‘waste time’, he ‘puts smoke inside a bag’ (Ensacar fumaça).

12. A Brazilian does not ‘show off’, he ‘puts a watermelon on his head’ (Colocar a melancia na cabeça).

13. A Brazilian does not ‘not understand something’, he ‘travels through mayonnaise’ (Viajar na maionese).

14. A Brazilian does not ‘feel down’, he feels ‘like a deflated ball’ (Bola murcha).

15. A Brazilian does not ‘let his hair down’, he ‘releases the chicken’ (Soltar a franga).

16. For a Brazilian, things don’t ‘heat up’, the ‘bug will come and get them’ (O Bicho vai pegar).

17. A Brazilian is not a ‘bootlicker’ nor an ‘ass kisser’, he ‘pulls your bag’ (Puxar o saco). Or he can ‘drool over your egg’ (Babar ovo).

18. A Brazilian does not ‘relax’, he ‘ties a donkey’ (Amarrar o burro).

19. A Brazilian does not ‘keep a secret,’ he ‘keeps a crab’s mouth’ (Manter boca de siri).

20. A Brazilian will not tell you to ‘get lost’, he will tell you to ‘pick coconuts’ (Catar coquinho). Or if he really wants you to piss off, he will ask you to ‘pick coconuts on a slope’ (Catar coquinho na ladeira).

This article was originally published on March 26, 2015. Featured Photo: Marina Aguiar

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