Shoji Spa & Lodge: Japanese-Style Hot Tubs

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Just eight miles from downtown Asheville and Biltmore is the only Japanese-style bath house and spa on the east coast. Shoji Spa is nestled in the Pisgah National Forest and adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Soak in your own private outdoor salt hydrotherapy tub, add Shoji’s Signature tub side tea service and enjoy a variety of massage and spa services. Take an invigorating cold shower and unwind in the wet cedar sauna. It's an idyllic spot for getting away from it all with some well-deserved, therapeutic pampering. Doesn't that sound romantic? It's a great spot for a girlfriends' getaway.

When you arrive, receive a Japanese robe (called a Yukata), sandals and towels. Before your soak, enjoy a spa-style shower then be guided to your private tub house. Your spa pass (from $49/person per hour) includes the Japanese wet cedar sauna, warm blankets and double cold showers. The five private outdoor salt tubs are beneath the canopy of the national forest. Soak and soothe your spirits with the ancient art of hydrotherapy. Bathing or hot tub hydrotherapy has proven effective for centuries. Then, cool off in our double cold shower for contrast therapy. The therapeutic value of thermal water bathing and contrast therapy has been used in medical treatments for hundreds if not thousands of years all over the world.

Also, take advantage of their impressive staff of 20+ massage therapists at your service for a wide variety of spa treatments after a soak. They will create a custom experience to fit your likes and needs. And they have several couples packages, with seasonal specials. Make reservations in advance: click here to visit their Web site.

Overnight Accommodations
After you soak and massage, why not just stay the night? Shoji Spa & Lodge has four lodging options.

  • House of Fire has two bedrooms, two queen beds and two full/queen futons in the living room area, sleeping up to six.
  • House of Wind, featuring a raised living room for overlooking the forest, is perfect for a romantic getaway or a personal retreat with its suite-style setting and king size bed.
  • House of Moon is a cozy hideaway for two with a loft-style queen bed and quaint living space with kitchenette.
  • House of Earth is nestled in the forests edge has a beautiful open floor plan. It has a private entrance, luxurious bathroom, modern kitchenette and sleeps up to four people.

Sunday-Thursday, 10 AM-8 PM
Friday-Saturday, 10 AM-10 PM
Closed Tuesdays in March-August

Shoji Spa & Lodge Reservations
Be sure to make a reservation well in advance, especially if you want to visit on a weekend. Click here to visit their Web site.

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